A Safe Environment, Prevents Unsafe Situations.

The foundation of any prevention program starts with graphic products that emphasis FOD safety and prevention to the workers and visitors.

Why choose RoKap, Inc to help you comply with FOD guidelines?

An effective FOD Hazard Prevention Program needs targeted messages and graphic tools to get the message out there. We have the experience with FOD Awareness Products and have helped companies large and small work to keep their facilities FOD free and safe.

RoKap, Inc can help smart & safety conscious companies, like yours, with FOD safety campaigns to inform all employees, visitors and vendors who frequent their plants and offices that product and personal safety is your #1 concern.

In easy to understand language and messages, you can inform everyone what is important, what are the risks, and some simple guidelines to prevention in general.

RoKap, Inc. has been working directly with companies in the demanding aerospace industry, where FOD risks and consequences can be severe.

We are here to help, reinforce a FOD Free workplace